About Us

9 Star Jewelry – A Place where you find Baha’i Jewelry of your liking at affordable prices

9 Star Jewelry is a family owned business. We started about 20 years ago making 18 Karat gold rings and pendants for the Baha’i community in Malaysia and at that time we had about 4 unique designs.

Today, 9 Star Jewelry has customers from all around the world with more than 250 unique designs of gold, silver and beads.

9 Star Jewelry started selling on eBay in September 2004 and still maintains a 5 star 100% positive feedback. Due to support from people from all around the world, 9 star jewelry started making 925 Sterling Silver in December 2004. Soon after, in 2005 opened its own ecommerce store called, 9starjewelry.com. In 2014, We opened our very own Etsy store and maintain a 5 Star review until today.

9 Star Jewelry online store today has more than 3500 customers from around the world including countries like America, England, France, Australia, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Guam, Moldova, Ghana, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, India, Netherlands, Philippines, Finland, Spain, New Zealand, Qatar, Cameroon, Isle of Man, and Kosovo (based on people registering and buying from 9Starjewelry.com).

9 Star Jewelry‘s customers includes, Green Acre Baha’i School in the US, Bosch Baha’i School in the US and Wilmette House of Worship Bookstore.