All purchased items are eligible for return or reimbursement within 30 days from date of purchase.
If the item is damaged:
1. Please take a clear picture of the damaged item, and send it to our email address. The email address will be available to all who order from us via the shipping confirmation email.
2. When we are sure that the product is actually damaged because of us, we will either give you a full refund (including the shipping and handling amount) or send you a new piece of the same jewelry*. You will be able to keep the initial damaged piece**.
3. If the jewelry is intentionally damaged by the customer, no refund will be given and you will be flagged from ever buying from 9 Star Jewelry.
4. We take full care, when packing an item into our parcel. We also make sure that the item is posted next to the shipping port, so it directly goes to the international airport. If the parcel is damaged when you receive it, we will not be responsible for the parcel as the fault is not because of us. Your country’s local post office is to be blamed and no refund will be given.
5. Item that is bought using a coupon code/discount with a small cosmetic flaw cannot be returned or money refunded.
* If the item is out of stock, you will have to wait a 30 day waiting period before the item is available for shipping again.

** only for silver jewelry items without gemstones.

If you are not satisfied with the purchase:
1. Please return the jewelry to the return address provided in the package. When we receive the package and are certain that it is in original condition, we will give you a refund of the item.
2. Shipping and handling charges for this scenario are not refundable.
3. IMPORTANT! To avoid buyers from abusing our special shipping policy, we will minus $5.75 from the amount to be refunded for each item, so please purchase wisely. Questions about the product will be most welcome before purchasing it. Returning FedEx sent parcels, will incur another $30
4. We will not reimburse you for your shipping charges.
5. The item must be returned in its original condition, unworn and unaltered in any way.
6. Items that have been worn and damaged due to client negligence cannot be returned.
7. Item that is bought using a coupon code/discount with a small cosmetic flaw cannot be returned or money refunded.
8. IMPORTANT! Credit card refunds will be charged 4%. So the refunded amount will be 96% of the total payment. The 4% is charged by the credit card company for processing payments and refunds.
Return Policy may be altered at any time. If Policy is altered, the date below will be updated. We encourage all our customers to constantly view our policies to see if any changes have been made.
Updated Date:July 11th 2019