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Gold 9 Star Baha'i Pendant - (electroplate)

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18 Karat Gold electroplate, yellow brass


Pendant height: 30 Millimeters; Pendant width: 30 Millimeters

Gold Baha'i Ringstone Symbol Pendant (electroplate)

Made by Artist Navin Balan from 9 Star Jewelry.

The metal has a thick electroplating, which deposits the gold in a uniform manner on the surface of the metal. The gold is applied heavy enough that the finished product is superior to gold filled.

Gold electroplate is gold that has been electrolytic-ally deposited on a base metal. By Federal standards, in order to be called gold electroplate (or G.E.), the gold must be at least 7 mils (millionths of an inch) of an inch thick and of a fineness of 10K or better.

Gold plating is not a guaranteed process and jewelry will no be like a solid gold item. This is why we have used yellow brass, as if the plating wear off quickly or slowly, you will still have a yellow based jewelry. We will not refund a purchase due to the electroplate wearing off.

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